Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dresser Win!

Loving the greens on this chest of drawers
Yesterday, I lamented that I was on a quest for a chest of drawers.  I had prepared myself for a lengthy hunt, but first thing this morning I walked into Vintage Bizarre on Virginia and immediately I found 2 gorgeous candidates.  I did hear angels singing when I beheld my choices.  Dresser A was painted white with 7 drawers painted various shades of green.  Dresser B was cream with pink drawers.  I loved them both, but dresser A just had the look I really wanted.  Now that I have it home, I think dresser B might have been a better choice because it was bigger.  However, I do love the look of my new chest of drawers.

Many flamingos will roost here.
Today was all about furniture, we moved the new dresser to my room.  Natalie put together an IKEA apothecary cabinet for my bathroom.  She gets a good spouse award because she hates putting together IKEA furniture. Even a small dry sink, made by my great grandfather Helms, made its way into my bathroom.  I love the idea of having the dry sink used by generations of my family now being in my own bathroom. 

I have always loved the glass knobs on this dry sink.

Calling today a win.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Perfect Chest of Drawers

I am picky and I know it.  Today I started my quest for a chest of drawers for my bedroom.  It has been almost 15 years since I had a chest of drawers, I think because my old one died and I couldn't find one I liked.  I ended up with a wardrobe instead.  The wardrobe,a sad and tacky particle board thing, is falling apart and has only the trip to the curb in its future. Now I am living out of 3 suitcases, and I see a need for a chest of drawers.  Of course I have requirements because no ordinary chest of drawers will do. First it must have at least 5 drawers.  Second it can't be particle board. Third it must be only 30 inches wide.  In my fantasies, I walk into the funky antique mall, a light shines on the absolutely perfect piece of furniture, angels sing, and the price tag says "Cheap." Wish me luck with that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

Natalie and I always bicker about how you end saying "Home, again, home, again" is it "Jiggety jig" or "Lickty Split?"  We have been having this disagreement so long, I have even forgot which one of us thinks what.  Regardless, I am at my new home or one day I will arrive here and say I am home.  It has been hard for me to give up my old home and move to the new place.  I have lived at Casa de California longer than I have ever lived anywhere, 19 years.  My previous record was for the house I grew up in, 16 years.  I admit I do get attached to places and have a hard time letting go.  Letting go I must.

My life has been about boxes, newspaper, and moving stuff.  We have moved my yarn, fiestaware, clothes, shoes, kitchen, dining room, bed, and many, many, flamingos.  I am almost ashamed of all the stuff I have.  I have re-homed a few things and some things have went to Goodwill, but still I have much stuff.  I have donated over 9 linear feet of books to as well as to friends.  We have even taken a few items out for bulk pick up.  I am physically and emotionally exhausted from the process and still I have more to do. 

I have not been blogging because I have been consumed with this move.  One day I will have everything at the correct address and then I can start the process of making this place my home.  In the meantime, I will tell you what I have been saying to Natalie, be patient I will get home again.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lambing Mitts

Sometimes you are just destine to do a thing.  For example the Lambing Mitts by Veronika Jobe(, I was destine to knit them because by a fluke of a mispronunciation at Ellis Island that is my last name.  I thought it would be fun to be the Lambing in the Lambing Mitts.  The pattern was easy and I had some Aran weight Mission Falls I decided to use up.  I was also happy to be using my knitting needles instead of a crochet hook.

First I knit a pair for a co-worker's birthday.  I wanted to use up some of the odds and ends leftover from the crochet afghan I have been working on and decided to use a dash of blue in the red top of the mitt.  This decision was mistake.  The goal of the mitts is to have a garter ridge top to flip up and down.  On the first pair, I have the woven ends on one side, which is visible if you flip the top up.  Knitting fail.

Photo by Siri!

On the second pair, the set for me, I learned my lesson and kept the color changes for the hand garter ribbing.  I kind of love how the mitts turned out.  The turned down top is so wonderfully squishy, too.  I made my pair a large, but used the medium thumb size, which is prefect for me.  Again, what is not to love about an easy pattern sharing your name.  Much Love!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fabulous 49!

My First Birthday Cake
Today I turned 49.  I am thinking about starting to say I am 50. If I do that then maybe it want be so hard to say this time next year.  Not only that, but if I say I am 50 I will get lots of people saying to me, "Oh, I thought you only looked 49."  I had a cold birthday full of warm wishes.  Glad to have such good friends.

Also, it is my 4 year wedding anniversary.  You remember that time I went to Iowa and married the love of my life.  I am hoping that next year by our 5th wedding anniversary we get marriage equality. We are down to 12 states (my home state being one of the 12) and Alabama who are still denying same-sex marriage equality.  I dream of the day when all families are treated equally.

The only wedding dress I have ever worn
Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes.  I would be lost without you all.  Much Love.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Busting out the Begonia Blocks

After rumaging through my stash, weighing my skeins, and doing some math I finally finished crocheting all my blocks for the blue skies afghan. The last block was called Begonia, and I really loved the dramatic flower in the center.  I am ecstatic to be done with these blocks, but I still have a way to go for a finished product.  As I write I have begun blocking the blocks.  I am hoping next month to begin the process of putting them together (more crochet).  In the meantime, I am enjoying not crocheting and working on knitting projects. 

One of the bittersweet things about this project has been using my stash of Mission Falls yarn. The colors have been beautiful to work with and I have fallen in love with this brand all over again.  Sadly, as this yarn is no longer manufactured, I am using up the last of my stash of this yarn.  My friend Suzanne has said people are holding on to this yarn and taking it to the grave. 

I used all but maybe 18 inches of the lavender.  The last block was a real nail biter, but I went down to a smaller hook and used almost every last scrap of the yarn.  When I made it to the end of the last block I got up and did a little victory lap around my living room.  It feels good to see my stacks of finished blocks.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

5 Years and Counting

My Dad in his late 20s.
Today is the 5 year anniversary of my dad's passing.  I have spent the past years re-living those final hours of his life.  To see someone so strong so destroyed by this disease was worse than anything I had ever seen before.  All ideas of Christian grace gone.  It was horrific.  And yet when people said to me, his passing was a relief from the pain, I wanted to scream at them why did he have to suffer at all.  I still carry such anger and pain at this vile thing called cancer and if I pray for anything it is that there is a cure so no one suffers as he did.  After the anger is the hole from the loss of someone so important to me.  I move forward and make the new normal without him, but know I still cry when I think of all the things I can no longer share with him.  Grief is not about stages, it is about forcing yourself forward when with every inch you leave the life you shared with your loved one behind.  Sad day, sad thoughts.